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Image Founded in 1992 by Rtn.I.Vargheese, Best Media Associates India Pvt.Ltd., is one of the longest running, renowned and respected Servicing & Publishing Organisation in the Film Industry with offices in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Cochin. With energetic youngsters, a team of male and female staff completely dedicated in their work, Best Media is firm on making a lasting impression in the field of publishing directorial services.


I have pleasure to share my joy and happiness to introduce our company. We are one of the pioneer in publishing Variety Cinema Directory for the past two decades and so for published 22 consecutive editions. which shows South Indian Film Industry overwhelmed support. Readers familiar with our earlier editions will find the advanced changes in presentation . Variety Cinema Directory plays a vital role for the selection committee in choosing the film artistes (i.e. Right from the Hero to Technicians).From 10th edition (year 2002) onwards, Our Company Cinema Directory comes out in 2 volumes. Its an Encyclopaedia of the South Indian Film Industry consisting of Tamil, Telugu ,Malayalam & Kannada film industry. Every year huge work is hidden behind this service which takes our valuable time to reach towards this success the Legends from Tamil Film Industry, Without you it is impossible.


We promote film industry through our most popular website:www.varietydirectory.com and the latest on our new website www.lightsoncinema.com, you will see that we have created a large series of categories, which makes it easier to search for titles on specific subjects.


Our Second Move to We Spread our wings towards the films and the celebrities to encourage and support to honour the legends in the film industry by the way of giving awards from the year 2000, so for we have given awards 7 years, now this 8th edition of variety film award will be celebrated in the heart of the Chennai city in 2012 February 13th so, you be there to watch live show with mass crowed.

Our Award committee will focus on varies categories which include Current Affairs, Society, Politics, Human Interest and History. we are looking for what we refer to as. These are generally TV Hour length films on very strong, edgy, provocative, contemporary subject matters that we feel people MUST see because of their political and/or social relevance. Some of the films we handle have strong current affairs value. We strongly believe that variety film award exposure adds prestige to a film's India career. Therefore we help our filmmakers secure their world level competition, design an international festival career, and provide them with the right contacts recommendations andpromotions.

Each year we take on between 50-75 new films for this film award competition . Our entire catalogue is comprised of about categories and we try to keep our invitation to this size, so we can keep it active, stay focused and give the films a serious shelf live. we do not have many awards, but all the films are all unique and of great quality, well made and well looked after. Our Variety Film Award will be one of the biggest mile stone in the film history for ever, We proved to be an Event organiser to fecilitate our film industry for this 8th edition of this 2012 year variety film award.

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Best Media is one of the largest and most trusted directory service provider in India with most comprehensive and genuine company/industry information. Informations are gathered over the years with help of huge support staff and field workers with extensive backoffice processing.



The information gathered through various sources are analysed, cross checked for errors and are digitally proceessed with various level of compilation procedures and are stored in a state of the art storage system.



Best Media with over 20 years of experience in publishing of Industries Directory, including several editions of Variety Cinema Directory and Best Media Electronics Directory and has been the major source of information for general public for all their company/industry related information.